Why what we eat matters

In my 20’s I never took much notice of what I put in my body. I exercised regularly, hence I thought that meant I was healthy enough and I never paid any more attention to it. While breastfeeding my first son I started to notice the impact of what I was eating on his behaviour … Continue reading Why what we eat matters

When will my child start dressing themselves?

Ever wondered what age children can typically dress themselves and how to teach this sometimes frustrating and oh so slow skill? The following is a simple guide that outlines what to expect and when.

At what age should children do chores?

Not sure what age is best to involve your child in the household chores?  Research now shows that children who help out around the house with family chores will grow as a person. Confidence and self-efficacy can improve as your child learns and uses their abilities to achieve a chore goal. Additionally, children can learn to … Continue reading At what age should children do chores?

Making Meal Times Fun

Are meal times super stressful in your house. Check out these ideas for making mealtimes fun. Turn the tv off way before meal times and put music on instead. Technology jumbles a child’s brain and makes it hard for them to focus. Asking them to transition from tv to table is likely to cause some … Continue reading Making Meal Times Fun

Trampoline Games

This Trampoline Games ideas sheet has a series of different levels so you can keep increasing the challenge to maintain your child’s interest and improve their skills levels. CLICK the heading above to find out more

Helping with Handwriting Booklet

The Play Project Letter Formation Booklet is a downloadable book that includes 50 pages of activities that will help your child develop great pencil skills. The Booklet covers the basics of writing readiness to help parents know where to start and what they can do to support their child to develop strong writing skills from as young as 2 years of age.

April School Holiday Program

Do you have a child who struggles with attention, behaviour or handwriting?
Maybe they can’t sit still, have messy writing or are slower to complete work than their peers!
It’s an increasingly common problem and often parents find it hard to find the time and tools to help address it. Our School Holiday Program can help. CLICK the heading above to find out more

Getting Ready to Start School

How will I know if my child is ready to start school? What can I do to support my child during their first year at school? What skills should my child have by kindergarten or in their first year at school? these are all questions that parents commonly ask and this short video is some insight into the foundations of development and how you can best support your child’s first year of school.

The Teenagers Brain

The brain goes through two main growth cycles in our life time. The first from conception till approximately age 6 and the second from age 11 to early adulthood. This video gives parents an overview of the changes that are occurring in the brain during the teenage years with practical strategies to support teens through this critical time.

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