Fees and Services

We think outside the box to offer programs that work. With more than 10 years experience in Occupational Therapy for children and teens we partner with families, schools and communities to offer understanding about children and what types of resources and intervention they may need.

We don’t believe every child or person needs therapy. We do believe every child can benefit from fun and play based activities that enable them to become happy, healthy and confident kids. We are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the next generation. Therefore, we offer a variety of programs and services to address the needs of our children for all stakeholders in the community. We work with councils, designers, planners, education services and parents to provide insight into the foundations of children’s development and the role each of us plays in growing happy and healthy kids.

Consulting Services

When you understand how a child’s brain and body develops then you can create a service or space that best meets their needs. The Play Project specialises in:  

  • Play space accessibility and design considerations
  • Creating sensory based and developmentally appropriate play
  • Maximising attention and engagement
  • Managing challenging behaviours

School Based Services

We believe that when you know better, you can do better that’s why our school based services focus on the staff rather than the students. Sharing our knowledge with school staff about the foundations of a child’s brain and body development gives staff the skills they need to better understand children’s behaviour and how best to support their learning in the classroom.

  • 1hr education sessions starting at $600 + travel
  • 1/2 day services $800 (travel included)
  • Full Day services $1200 (travel included)
  • Full OT Assessments and Reports $300 per student

Parents Services

We all want whats best for our children, but who teaches us how to do that, and where do we start?

Children spend 1200 hours per year at school, and more than 3500 at home (that’s after you take out sleep time). Therefore we believe that growing happy, healthy and confident kids starts at home. We love finding simple, affordable and practical ways to give parents the knowledge and skills they need to support their child to succeed in all areas of their life. 

  • If your not sure where to start and need someone to talk you through the options for your child Click HERE to arrange a 1hr Power Hour Call. Call’s cost $190. NOTE: If your child has government funding please contact me before purchasing your call at info@kaitcummins.com 
  • Check out our online programs HERE

Therapy Services

OT Assessments

  • Full OT assessment and Report $400

Clinic Based Therapy

  • 1hr $160
  • 1/2 hr $100

Home/School Based Therapy

  • 1hr $290
  • 1/2hr $190

School Holiday Intensive

  • 1/2 hr individual therapy sessions over 5 ($500) or 10 ($1000) consecutive days


  • HCWA, BETTER START, NDIS services available
  • Medicare Rebates – children with GP – Enhanced Primary Care Plans or Mental Health Care Plans are eligible for Medicare Rebates on services.

Online Store

At The Play Project we understand how important play is on growing happy, healthy and confident kids. That’s why we are on a  mission to give every child access to FREE, Fun, Safe, Challenging and Developmentally Appropriate Play. That’s why we donate 50% of the sales from our online store directly to TPP’s community based playground projects. Check out our Latest Projects HERE or visit The Play Project Store

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