Helping with Handwriting Booklet

The Play Project Helping with Handwriting Booklet is a downloadable book that includes 50 pages of activities that will help your child develop great pencil skills. 

The Booklet covers the basics of writing readiness to help parents know where to start and what they can do to help improve their child’s handwriting. These skills can begin from as young as 2 years of age.


This is EVERYTHING you need to know about handwriting and its all in one easy to read place. The best part  is you can print as many copies as you want so its perfect for big family’s or parents looking for hours of  practice and fun entertainment for their child. The booklet is best printed in black and white and is 27 pages when printed 2 sided.

The book includes information for parents about:

  • The stages of writing development

  • What to expect from your child at what age

  • How to ensure your child has the foundation skills for writing

  • What to do if your child has writing difficulties

  • The process for learning to write

  • How to support pencil grip development

  • The importance of posture when sitting

  • And lots of fun practice activities

Take a quick look at some of the content below:

If your child is having difficulty with Handwriting check out our Online Handwriting Program. The Program has 5 easy to watch videos. The videos will help you identify areas that your child is having the most difficulty in and provides fun activities that you can do at home to help overcome them.

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