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We all want what’s best for our children and that’s to raise happy, healthy and confident kids. But where do we start? Who teaches us how to do that? 

So often we ask ourselves:
  • Am I doing it right?
  • Is my child typical?
  • Should I be doing more with them?
  • What sort of things are important before they go to school?
We are forever filling our minds with self doubt and pressure to ensure that we give our kids the best start possible.
The Play Project is about going back to basics and ensuring both parents and kids have the skills and knowledge they need for success at home and school.
We’ve used video’s to provide parents with simple and effective strategies to develop the confidence to trust that their child is developing well,  as well as simple and effective strategies to support them if they need a little extra help.

Check out an overview of our programs HERE

Tummy Time

Handwriting 101

Do you need some help with ideas and strategies to support your child. Check out our handwriting and ready for school programs HERE

Do you know you need help, but are having trouble knowing where to start? Book a Power Hour consult with Kait to help identify your child’s needs and the steps you can take to support. Find out more HERE

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