Resources for Cutting and Writing

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I was chatting to one of my teacher friends today and we were discussing book lists and resources. At this time of year its far from the top of your mind and remembering back to what you needed in those early days is tricky as the kids have improved so much over the course of the year. What really would make your life easier? does it even matter that much? If only you could wait till reports are done to have a good look at it all? SO below I have outlined some of my favourites in the hope that it makes some of your decisions a little simpler.

There are so many choices when it comes to pencils and scissors these days  BUT are the fancy and most expensive ones always the best? What really are the best options for your new little ones.

1) A standard grey led pencil is fine for most children

This is the best starting point when organising pencils for the whole class. Fancy pencils  don’t tend to make a big difference because unless closely supervised every time the student picks up the pencil, they will hold it the way that feels comfortable for them.


I recommend a crossover pencil grip for each student. These grips have a little piece that sits over the top of the grip for the child’s fingers to slide comfortably into. This way the child is unable to (comfortably) wrap their thumb over the top of the grip and are more likely to remember to hold the pencil correctly.


You can find the pencil grips HERE

2) Scissors….I like the spring loaded ones

Learning to cut is a complex skill…. there is a lot to concentrate on. You need good hand strength, to be able to coordinate the action of opening and closing the scissors whilst using both sides of the body at the same time to stabilise and manoeuvre the paper. Spring loaded scissors are an easy way to simplify the skill, so the child can focus on the bits that are important. Once they have mastered cutting they can flick the little arrow over and use them without the spring.


You can find the scissors HERE

3) Sky Grass Dirt Paper (books or pads)

Teaching students how to maintain correct letter formation, size and spacing is difficult and the traditional lined thirds can be hard to interpret for some students. Sky, grass, dirt paper simplifies the process by providing a visual cue for students to use that enables them to create great habits from the start.


You can find the books or pads HERE

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